2019 Reading Notes

These are books and papers that I found some sort of value out of reading this year. I ✨ my favorites at the end of a year, and try to record author identity metrics (♂ ♀ 🔹 🔸). I sometimes forget to update this, and sometimes I take notes, link to source material, or otherwise provide more context in a link below. Historically I tracked this on GitHub.

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Book title Author(s) Type Extras
Keith Haring, The Political Line by Dieter Buchhart, Julian Cox, Robert Farris Thompson, Julian Myers-Szupinska Nonfiction  
Automating Inequality: How High-Tech Tools Profile, Police, and Punish the Poor by Virginia Eubanks 🔸♀ Nonfiction  
Coming of Age in Second Life Tom Boellstorff 🔸♂ Nonfiction  
Lissa: A Story about Medical Promise, Friendship, and Revolution (ethnoGRAPHIC) by Sherine Hamdy 🔹♀, Coleman Nye 🔸♀, Sarula Bao 🔹♀, Caroline Brewer 🔹♀ Ethnographic fiction More information
Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind Yuval Noah Harari 🔹♂ Nonfiction  
Placing Outer Space: An Earthly Ethnography of Other Worlds Lisa Messeri 🔸♀ Nonfiction  
Educated: A Memoir Tara Westover 🔸♀ Nonfiction  
The New Me Halle Butler 🔸♀ Fiction  
Liquidated Karen Hoe 🔹♀ Nonfiction  
Article title Author(s) Year Link
The arts at Facebook: An aesthetic infrastructure for surveillance capitalism Fred Turner 🔸♂ 2018 PDF
Humanitarian media intervention: infrastructuring in times of forced migration Sebastian Kubitschko & Tim Schütz 2017 PDF
Do Artifacts Have Politics Langdon Winner 1986 PDF
Got Infrastructure? How Standards, Categories and Other Aspects of Infrastructure Influence Communication Susan Leigh Star 2002 PDF
The Proper Copy Cori Hayden 🔸♀ 2010 PDF
Russian Neoliberal: The Entrepreneurial Ethic and the Spirit of “True Careerism” Alexei Yurchak 2003  
Agency The Relation between Meaning, Power, and Knowledge Paul Kockelman 🔸♂ 2007 PDF
The Greatest Missions Never Flown: Anticipatory Discourse and the “Projectory” in Technical Communities Lisa Messeri 🔸♀, Janet Vertesi 🔸♀ 2015 PDF
The materiality of the corporation: oil, gas, and corporate social technologies in the remaking of a Russian region Douglas Rogers 2012 PDF
Authoritarian and Democratic Technics Lewis Mumford 1964 PDF